Sunday, August 27, 2006

Business Photos

I used to take business photos for people at the last studio I worked at. Now, anytime I see a business photo displayed somewhere (mortgage ad, real estate billboard, etc.) I critique it. Most of them are down right hideous. I saw a photo for a real estate agent where she's looking off to the side and looks like she just opened her mouth to say something. It looks very unprofessional and quite frankly it makes her look rather dodgy.

The other day I had two people ask me to take pictures for them in the same day. This was a record for me, and I took it as a sign. I felt very unprofessional as I scribbled my contact info on a small piece of paper from my planner that had "Shopping List" typed on it. I knew it was time. Time to get some business cards.

I want my business photo to be different from traditional ones, but I do want it to have certain characteristics that good business pictures have. I want it to look professional, but creative. I also want to look happy and friendly, not melodramatic. I like this photo best out of the ones I have taken so far, but I may crop it in a little closer so my face doesn't get lost when it's on a teeny tiny business card.

I'd love to hear what you all have to say about this picture? Do you think it conveys the characteristics I mentioned earlier? Would you buy photos from someone with this picture on their business card?

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Clem said...

Jaime this photo would be perfect for your business card. It looks very professionally taken, captures your bubbly personality and your enthusiasm for photography, exactly what you want of someone for taking your picture.